Tim Daemen (Tongeren, Belgium *1975) was always fascinated by percussion and  brass instruments. The trombone was chosen and he joined the local wind orchestra. After having done other work activities, he started to study jazz trombone with Jack Coenen at Maastricht Conservatory (NL), with Henning Berg at MusikHochSchule Cologne (D), did masterclasses with Robin Eubanks, Marshal Gilkes, Ryan Keberle, Nils Wogram, Erik & Bart van Lier and did his Masters at Antwerp Conservatory (B).

Tim’s work as freelance musician consists of playing in small and big jazz formations/ensembles, Latin and world music formations and theater productions in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.

In March 2017 he presented his first album as a frontman with his quartet Dada Bölüm called “Pre sentiment”. The repertoire consists of jazz and world music orientated original compositions.

Having a deep fascination for performance art artist Regina Jose Galindo (Guatemala), Tim made a solo performance using video and loops that was performed at Jazz in’t MAS in Antwerp. This indicates a new direction of interdisciplinary forms of creation.

Tim teaches Trombone and is a (jazz)band coach at the Music Academy of Hasselt (B).

Since 2020 Tim is teaching Jazz Trombone at the Conservatory of Maastricht (NL), preparing students for a professional career in music.


Dada Bölüm

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June 2021


Primordial Dialogues is a unique artistic collaboration between two musicians and two dancers, creating a dynamic and mesmerizing performance that takes place in the open air. The combination of music and dance creates a powerful and emotive experience, with the performers using their individual talents to create an immersive and engaging performance. The open-air setting adds an additional level of intrigue and depth to the performance, as the natural surroundings and elements of time, space, and weather play a role in the acoustics and overall atmosphere of the show. 

Courtesy Martijn Vanbuel


August 2020

Cultural events are still restricted this summer. So next to live streaming, performing in a natural environment has become a welcome way of presenting new music. 

Courtesy Jean Geelen

April/May/June 2020

Being locked in, you have to find new ways to work. My very modest setup of a Focusrite scarlet 4i2 and a AKG 314 mic make it possible to record my own music and produce sounds for various productions. It is fast and you’re not having to risk anyones health. It also improves the online lessons experience.


Dada Bölüm · solo nardo



Februar 2019

Being offered the opportunity to perform at the MAS in Antwerp, A profound interest in the works of Guatemalean performance artist and poet Regina Jose Galindo led to the  creation of a solo set that is accompanied by a collage of 2 videos of hers (“The shadow” and “Exercises of freedom”).

Tim Tromboneheld

In remembrance of Justin van Uum (18 November 1989 – 26 maart 2018)

Hey Man (for Justin) - PNG

We are happy to announce the completion of our new album!

dada cdcover uitsnede

“Pre sentiment” is the culmination of the musical devellopement of trombonist and composer Tim Daemen. This new album is the result of three years of musical collaboration and development of original repertoire with this jazz quartet.

With his musically and blood related brother Daniel playing the saxophone, they play with lots of colours, devotion and communication. This interactive playfulness often results in spontaneus counterpoint movements, leading to new musical enviroments.                       Swinging, modal or avant garde, the earthy comping of Justin van Uum on bass and Achim Bill on drums brings it together effortlessly.

Postbop meets soul meets cinematic music,

Dada Bölüm delivers with well balanced expressiveness and authenticity

Soon available.



Dada Bölüm presents “Pre sentiment”


We are proud to present our new Album “Pre Sentiment” .

This album is the result of three years of musical collaboration and development of original repertoire with this jazz quartet. 

Beside us playing a concert, there will be a small exposition with some of Jenny Albertz‘s works, 

as we also used one of her works to shine on the cover of our cd. 

For this occasion only cd’s will be sold at 10€. 

Feel free to drop by and check out our music. 

(Entrance is free)

 5th of March / 16.00hrs 

Intro in Situ

Capucijnengang 12

6211 RV Maastricht (Netherlands)



Last week, friday the 4tht of November (2016) we recorded with Dada Bölüm at Topaz studio in Cologne (GER). Through concerts in the last 2 years, and having played an inspiring concert at the Pelzer club in Liege (B) a week before, there was enough material to get in the studio. Although aiming at “one-takers”, we still got some editing to do before, mixing and mastering this album.

Work in progress!

Nieuwe beginners Improvisatie cursus

Vanaf 4 oktober staart ik weer met een 10 weken durende cursus. Als je geïnteresseerd bent om 10 weken aan je impro-skills , schrijf je dan hier in.



3rd of May 2016

A nice review from a memorable concert with MATAK:


May 2016

I am gratefull to be part of this wonderfull new album of Bassist Jo Didderen (NL) and his dreamteam (Equipe de Rêve). With:

Jo Didderen (bass, compositions, bandleader), Bast Oostindie (guitar), Simon Oslender (hammond, keys), Rob Sijben (Also sax), Marc Huynen (trumpet), Jerome Cardinaels (drums), Steffen Thormaelen (perc) and myself.

We are looking forward to do be playing some summer en autumn Jazz fests this year.

Jo 50 (1)

Today (12-10-2015) Me and Achim Bill, drummer of my quartet, did a small interview with Hans Reul’s broadcast JazzTime at BRF studios about our upcoming gig with Dada Bölüm, the 24th of Octobre at the Triangel Musiknacht in Sankt-Vith. Broadcast is Friday 16th of Oct, on “Jazz time”

Mo Jones” Bigband Cd and Vinyl will be presented the 22nd of November at Volt Podium Sittard at 17.00 hrs

Muze cafe CC De Muze Zolder, 20.15hrs

Kanne Jazz 2015

OP ZATERDAG 28 MAART 2015 om 20.30 
In samenwerking met CC Zwaneberg
Carlo Nardozza (trompet)
Lieven Cambré (altsax)
Koen Nys (tenor- en sopraansax)
Tim Daemen (trombone)
Frank Vaganée (baritonsax)
Marco Cirone (gitaar)
David Demuynck (piano)
Rob Vanspauwen (contrabas)
David La Mela (drums)
Toegang: 9,5 euro (Hnitaleden en vriendenprijs CC) / 16,5 euro (algemeen)
Reserveren op www.zwaneberg.be, tel. 015 25 07 70

Het Muze Jazz Orchestra (MJO) ontstond in 2010 uit de maandelijkse jams van het MuzeCafé in CC MUZE in Heusden-Zolder. Met een line-up van vijf blazers en vier spelers in de ritmesectie, houdt de band het midden tussen een klein ensemble en een big band. Binnen deze constellatie is er zowel plaats voor de individualiteit van de musici als voor het samenspel en de collectieve klankkleur van het orkest. Naast een project met muziek van Frank Zappa, heeft het MJO een repertoire opgebouwd met originele werken van altsaxofonist Lieven Cambré en pianist David Demuynck. Onder de naam Sweet Charity werd deze muziek vorig jaar uitgebracht op cd, een uitgave van RailNote Records (RN006). “They are musicians of the highest caliber and the compositions and arrangements of Lieven Cambré have one foot firmly planted in the tradition and the other pointing towards the future. They are deeply rooted while being adventurous as well. More people should hear this music,” zei de befaamde Amerikaanse baritonsaxofonist Gary Smulyan, met wie de band in 2013 samenwerkte. De band omvat enkele sterkhouders van de Limburgse jazzscene zowel als een aantal muzikanten die in Heist-op-den-Berg verre van onbekenden zijn: Lieven Cambré(°1968) en tenor- en sopraansaxofonist Koen Nys (°1965), beiden op zeker moment ook met hun eigen ensembles in de Hnita-Jazz Club. Bijzonder aan het optreden in de Hnita-Hoeve is tevens de aanwezigheid van niemand minder dan Frank Vaganée (°1966), artistiek leider van het Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO), op een voor hem minder gebruikelijk instrument: de baritonsax. 

Meer info op http://www.muzejazzorchestra.be.

6th of July, DaDa Bölüm

We played an afternoon concert in an old renovated farm, in Maaseik Belgium. The acoustics in this old barn are outstanding, and made our sound vibrant and warm. It is a joy to play without amplifying, filling this barn with old and contemporary tunes.  Hope to play here some other time in the future.

with Daniel Daemen (Alto Sax), Rob Vanspauwen (Bass), Achim Bill (drums)


4th of May “Dada Bölüm”

Played at the Muze cafe in Zolder with my brother Daniel Daemen , Justin van Uum and Achim Bill. We did some songs of  Albert Mangelsdorffs quintet record, some from Dave Hollands record “Prime Directive, and several personal favourits. It’s always a pleasure to play with these great players in jazz spot that always makes you feel at home!

with Daniel Daemen (Alto Sax), Justin Van Uum (Bass), Achim Bill (drums)

zolder 4 mei 2014

We recorded “Sweet Charity” with the Muze Jazz Orchestra (B)

Recorded November 29 and 30, 2013 at Studio Crescendo, Genk. Mixed by Rob Vanspauwen. All compositions by Lieven Cambré except 2 and 7 by David Demuynck.



Carlo Nardozza: trumpet, flügelhorn
Lieven Cambré: alto saxophone
Koen Nys: tenor & soprano saxophones
Igor Maseroli: baritone saxophone
Tim Daemen: trombone
David Demuynck: piano
Marco Cirone: guitars
Tom Van Acker: double bass
David La Mela: drums