Education is the most powerfull weapon we can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


As of the 4th of September 2017, I will be a brass teacher at the Jazz departement of the Music academy of Hasselt (Stedelijk Conservatorium Hasselt, Belgium)

I have been teaching Trombone and improvisation, and Coaching a (jazz)band at Kumulus Music Academie Maastricht (Netherlands) since 2009. I regularly do workshops on improvising, phrasing, articulation and timing for all wind instruments, hornsections. 

I’m also involved in a project with musical introduction (Get Lekkers) for youngsters from 2,5 till 7 years. This is a very responsive and gratefull audience to perform to. We have been doing these educational concerts since 2006.


Since the beginning of this year (2017), I have been teaching at The Jazz School of the Junior of the Conservatory in Maastricht.

For questions about workshops, lessons, booking or other..


( Trombone-les Maastricht, jazz trombone Workshop, Bigband Sectie spel, voorbereiding conservatorium , improvisatie , lesbevoegdheid, bigband, salsa/latin, pop/rock, standards, blues, swing, dixieland/second line, soul/funk  )

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