24th May, Equipe de Reve, Zolder cc Muze

19th May, Mo Jones Bigband

25th – 28th April, MuzeJazzOrchestra, Luchtfabriek Zolder

4th April, Dada Bölüm at EU Jazz Night, Maastricht (NL)

1st March, tba, Rataplan Antwerp

9th Februar, Trio Y el Mar, Jazzfestival Haacht (B)

27th Januar, Trio y el Mar, cafe Mon, Hasselt (B)



12th December, David Laborier Sextet, Jazzclub Sir Walter Dusseldorf (GER)

11th December, David Laborier Sextet, Jazzclub Blue Note Dresden (GER)

9th Decemer David Laborier Sextet, Jazzclub B Flat Berlin (GER)

6th December, L’Equipe de rêve, Urania theater, Köln (GER)

2nd December, Muze Jazz Orchestra, Album Release, Zolder cc Muze

11th November,  David Laborier Sextett Album release, Luxemburg (LUX)

10th November, Tim Daemen trio, Hasselt (B)

13th October, L’Equipe de Reve, Margraten (NL)

11th October, L’Equipe de Reve with LFO &, Eric Vloeimans, Jeker Jazz, Maastricht

28th September, Mo Jones BB (NL)

25th August, Sonbacan, Roeselaere (B)

24th August, God save the swing, Music Village, Brussels (B)

22nd August, Sonbacan, Berlaar (B)

21st July, David Laborier Sextett, Jazz & Blues Raylle, Luxemburg

7th July, Grupo Go, Voerendaal (NL)

1st July Sonbacan, Opwijk (B)

30th June, Pedrito’s Latin Kitchen, Heerlen (NL)

25th L’Equipe de Reve, Thorn (NL)

24th June, Una Mas, Heerlen (NL)

16th Jack Million Band, Mannheim (GER)

25th May Tilburg Bigband 60th anniversary (NL)

24th May, God save the swing, Music Village, Brussels (B)

18th May, Ballroom Orchestra, Ninove (B)

21th April Trombone workshop FH Bigband Aachen (GER)

18 + 19 +20th AP Bigband Feat Joshua Redman in Antwerp (Singel), Cc Virton, Cc Muze Zolder (B)

7 + 8th April, Recording at Audio Workx (NL), MJO feat Steve Harpo

16 +17th Klanghaus Production, Eupen + St Vitht (B)

23rd Februar, L’Equipe de reve SOL kulturbar Mulheim (GER)

16th Februar, L’Equipe de reve, ECI Jazzclub Roermond (NL)



16th of December,Dada Bölüm album release concert, Jazzclub De Sjruur, Maaseik (B)

8th of December, MoJones Bigband, Parkstad Theater Heerlen, 20.00hrs

3rd of December, Dada Bölüm album release concert, Schlachthof Eupen, 11.00hrs (B)

19th of November, L’Equipe de reve, “De Fabel”, Heerlen, 20.00hrs

12th of November, Dada Bölüm album release concert, “De fabel“, Heerlen, 16.30hrs (NL)

30th of September + 1st + 7th + 8th October, Muze Jazz Orchestra, “De laatste mijn”, Mijnsite Zolder (B) with special guest Steven de Bruyn

26th of September, Dada Bölüm album release concert, cc De kimpel Bilzen (B)

12th August, Ballroom Orchestra, Brugge (B) Benenwerk

28th of July, Dada Bölüm album release concert, De Jazzzolder, Mechelen (B)

20th July, Ballroom Orchestra, Poperinge (B)

18th June, L’Equipe de Rêve, Roermond (NL) with special guest Tony Barba!

13th May Muze Jazz Orchestra, Peer (B)

7th May , Mo Jones BigBand, Theater Heerlen (Sold Out)

20th April, Muze Jazz Orchestra, Ainsi ,Jazz Maastricht

30th March, guest with Arne van Collie trio, Diepenbeek (B)


5th February, Dada Bölüm, Muze cafe Zolder (B)

2nd January, Muze Jazz Orchestra, Franz Aachen (GER)

8th January, Muze Jazz Orchestra,Muze cafe Zolder (B)


19tht November,Equipe de Rêve, Jazzoutfestival, Heerlen (NL)
17tht November, Equipe de Rêve, Ainsi ,Jazz Maastricht

4th November, studio recording with Dada Bölüm at Topaz studio, Cologne

26tht Octobre, Dada Bölüm, Jazzclub Jacques Pelzer, Liege (B)

26tht September,Equipe de Rêve, Cafe D’n Ingel Thorn (NL)

10tht September,Equipe de Rêve, Grenswerk Venlo (NL)

4tht September,Equipe de Rêve, Cambrinus Horst (NL)

28tht August, Mo Jones Bigband, St Rosa Festival, Sittard (NL)

19tht August, Equipe de Rêve, Mulheim am Ruhr (GER)

13tht August, Ballroom Orchestra, Benenwerk Festival, Brugge.

22nd July ,Equipe de Rêve, Valkenburg (NL)

21st June, Lunar Orchestra, Intro Insitu Maastricht

15tht June, Trio Fatale with Isabel Bermejo (voc), Mateusz Malcharek (Bss), Wienkontor, Maastricht

4tht June,Equipe de Rêve, Festival Roermond, 15.30hrs (NL)

27tht May, trio with Yannick Heselle (bass), Raf Hendrickx (git), Wienkontor, Maastricht

8th May, Grupo Go,  Duckrace festival Stadspark Maastricht.

1st May, trio with Steffen Ahland (git),Mateusz Malcharek (Bss), Wienkontor, Maastricht.

30tht April, International Jazzday, Bravo Bigband plays the music of Michel Herr, Sounds Brussels.

24tht April, CD presentation “Equipe de Rêve” with Jo Didderen (Bss, bandleader),

Simon Oslender (keys), Jerome Cardynaals (drms), Steffen Thormaelen (perc),

Bart Oostindie (Git), Marc Huynen (tpt), Rob Sijben (alto).

7tht April, Dada Bölüm, Cultuurhuis, Heerlen 20.00hrs

4tht April, Dada Bölüm, Hopper cafe, Antwerp 20.00hrs

3rd April, MJO, Muze Zolder, 20.00hrs

24tht March, Edd’s cafe Maastricht (NL), with Dimi Kosmidis (drms), Dierk Peeters (vibes), Florian Herzog (Bass). 22.00hrs

6th  March, Tim Daemen invites, “MEDEA5” Euro-jazz project, Muze Zolder 20.15 hrs

with Isabel Bermejo (voc), Mateusz Malcharek (Bss), Dimi Kosmidis (drms), Philippe Ramaekers (pno)

4tht Januar MJO, Aachen (GER), Franz, 20.30hrs

3rd  Januar MJO, Muze Zolder (B), 20.00 hrs


20tht December MJO plays Zappa, Schouwburg Muze, Zolder. 19.00hrs

22th of November Mo Jones Bigband new CD Presentation Volt Podium Sittard (NL)

8 november Lunar Orchestra, Heerlen Cultuurhuis, (NL) 17.00 hrs

1 november Equipe de reve, Herberg Bijsmans, Heerlen Jazzt (NL) 17.00 hrs

24th of Octobre Dada Bölüm, Triangel Musiknacht Sankt Vith (B) 23.00 hrs

21tht of October Trio Y el Mar, Wienkontor Maastricht (NL) 21.00 hrs

5th of October Aachen Bigband Feat Bill Watrous, Aachen (D) 20.15 hrs

27th of September Trio Y el Mar, Centre Ceramique Maastricht (NL) 14.30 hrs

26th of September MoJones Bigband, Adams BigbandFestival (NL). 21.30hrs

6tht of September Muze Jazz Orchestra, Muze cafe Zolder (B), 20.00 hrs

6th of Sept Grupo Go, Cultura Nova festival Heerlen (NL), 15.00 hrs

30tht of August MoJones Bigband, Rosa Festival Sittard (NL). 15.00 hrs

22th of June, Happy Hour Jazz, Cafe D’n Ingel, Thorn (NL), 20.00 hrs

17th of June, Trio y el Mar, at the Wienkontor Maastricht (NL), 21.00 hrs

7th of June, Muze Jazz Orchestra, Muze cafe Zolder, 20.00 hrs

5th of April, Dada Bölüm, Muze cafe, Zolder (B), 20.00 hrs

28th of March, Muze Jazz Orchestra, Hnita Hoeve, Heist op den Berg (B)

4th of March, Duo Tim & Tim (Finoulst), at the Wienkontor Maastricht (NL), 21.00 hrs

1st of March, Muze Jazz Orchestra, Muze cafe Zolder (B), 20.00 hrs

7th of February, Muze Jazz Orchestra, JazzKitchen Oud Turnhout (B)

23rd of January, Muze Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Zolder Mechelen (B)

4th of January: Muze Jazz Orchestra, Muze cafe Zolder (B)


29th of November: Mo’Jones Bigband, Heerlen, Jazz Out Festival

16th of November Lunar Orchestra, Heerlen Cultuurhuis.

3rd of November Muze Jazz Orchestra, Kasterlee

30th of oktober, Jury member for the “Eu Youth Jazz-award 2014”

22nd of October Tim Daemen Trio at the Wienkontor,Maastricht (NL) R55

11th + 14th of September: Muze Jazz Orchestra, 40 Jaar Muze Zolder (B)

31st of August: Lunar Orchestra – Live United Art, Heerlen (NL) event

24th of August: Muze Jazz Orchestra, Cafe Hopper Antwerp

6th of July: “Dada Bolum”

2nd of June, Aachen Bigband feat Bob Mintzer

17 of May, Big Bandits, Euregio

11th of May limburgse jazzhelden concert, Heerlen 14:30 hrs

Geert Roelofs on drums, Werner Lauscher on bas en  Marc Huynen on trompet. Guests are me and my brother Daniel (Belgian/Limburgian)


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